EPIC 2023 Excellence Awards

The Energy Progress & Innovation Conference (EPIC) is accepting applications for the following Awards:
EPIC Excellence in Maintenance
EPIC Excellence in Operations
EPIC Excellence in Safety

Committee members and vendors are encouraged to solicit companies to apply for these awards. Finalists will be selected from the applications submitted. The winners will be recognized at the awards presentation on the final day of the EPIC conference.

Deadline for application submissions: 
Wednesday, January 4, 2023
A printable application may also be found on the following website:  ndepic.com/agenda/excellenceawards

EPIC Excellence in  Safety Award recognizes organizations that have implemented initiatives that have significantly reduced the risks to its employees, made changes to its processes in order to provide positive impacts to the environment, to provide improvements in general health and safety, and to provide environmental awareness to its employees.

Epic Excellence in Maintenance Award recognizes organizations that have implemented new initiatives that have had positive changes on how they perform their day to day maintenance of their plant, reduced the time routine repairs require, implemented new preventive maintenance programs and are using new technologies that help control emissions from their plants.

EPIC Excellence in Operations Award recognizes organizations that have implemented initiatives that have had significant impact on the operation of its facility, reduced risks to its employees or provided significant training/education to its employees. 
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