2024 Energy Progress and Innovation Conference - Call for Presenters


Welcome to the 2024 Energy Progress and Innovation Conference Call for Presenters! Please let us know if you have questions as you work on completing the information below. Program Contact: Alison Zarr, alison.zarr@bismarckstate.edu/701-224-5731.

► Presentations are selected by committee members who are industry representatives and not by Bismarck State College.
► Presentations cannot be used as a deliberate advertisement for a company's product and must have an educational/informative focus for participants.
► A formal paper does not have to be submitted. 
► Presenters are not guaranteed booth space at the conference, nor will the committee save booth space for any presenters.  Booth spaces are assigned in order of registrations received. If you have additional questions regarding booth space, please contact our program manager alison.zarr@bismarckstate.edu.
► The Call for Presenters is open until September 1, or until all conference sessions have been filled. The EPIC planning committee reserves the right to close the Call for Presenters, based on their discretion. Any concerns regarding this should be sent to the conference manager, alison.zarr@bismarckstate.edu.

Please read the information below before continuing with the presentation submission process.

We appreciate your consideration in only going through the site if you are submitting proposal information. Any incomplete submissions will not be considered.

Sessions held Tuesday, January 23, are considered pre-conference sessions and are four to eight hours long. Sessions held Wednesday and Thursday, January 24 and 25, are generally one to three hours in length and are considered concurrent sessions. Please be sure to specify your preference on the Session Details page. In addition, you will be asked to select the appropriate "track" for your session. Submitted information will be passed on to the appropriate EPIC committee members for review based on the track you have selected.

The deadline for submitting a proposal is Friday, September 1, 2023. Extensions will not be granted.

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