IgniteND 23 Speaker Worksheet

Welcome to the 2023 IgniteND speaker worksheet. Please let me know if you have questions as you work on completing the information below. I'm Spencer, and I can be reached at david.eberst@bismarckstate.edu or 701-224-5688. Deadline to submit is March 31!
To submit your speaker information for IgniteND 23, we need specific information from you to ensure we can efficiently process the correct details. Please complete the following pages/questions CAREFULLY.

  • This information will be used to generate  participant registration brochure information, the conference app, and website details.
  • Any of the questions that have an asterisk (*) are required.
  • You cannot continue until all fields are complete. Please enter your presenter's contact information below.
  • Make sure to complete all "REQ" fields as they are mandatory and you cannot continue until they are complete. 

Confirmed presenters will be notified in April.
Contact Information
Presentation Title - A title must be provided. Your submission will not be considered if this field is incomplete. Please limit your title to 50 characters or letters.
Presentation Description - Use the space below to enter a short description of the session. Descriptions must match the presentation title and must include information regarding what participants can expect. Descriptions must be 75 to 100 words. Any descriptions submitted that exceed that length will be edited. You can copy and paste from MS Word or email.BSC will review for length, grammar and readability before publishing.
Presenter Bio: Please include a short bio that we can use on the conference website, if selected.
Presenter Photo - please email your photo to david.eberst@bismarckstate.edu. PNG files are preferred.
Session Length
Presentation Track
Grade Focus
Use the space below to enter any additional information you would like included in your presenter's profile or with the session details. If you indicated "other" for session length, please elaborate below.
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